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Since opening our doors in 2004 we have strived to provide guitars, amps, musical equipment and advice gathered from years of experience to customers from our local scene and beyond!

The Joys Of Second Hand
Most of the instruments we carry are second hand, that way you get a better deal on the goods and you'll see some things that you might not see in other shops. A true Aladdins cave!

Repair Service
We offer a full repair and setup service for guitars, amps and pretty much anything you've broken and need fixing! 

Private 'one 2 one' Tuition
We now have five teachers offering lessons (at competitive prices i might add!) in guitar, bass, drums, banjo, piano and ukulele 6 days a week from 9am to 9pm!! call us or come and see us for more info.

Our Mailing List
send me an e-mail at and i'll add you on to the mailing so you can recieve our latest offers and products!
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